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Glazed & Unglazed Bonsai Ware Handmade by Nao Tokutake.
Pots shown here are not available for purchase.

16" rec
unicorn crystal vomit 8" round
8" crystal round
9" rec
8" oribe round
24" oval
18" forest tray
15" oval
22" mokko
16" rec
16" oval crystal glaze
17" rec
16" oval
24" oval in namako glaze
16" oval
20" bag pot in namako
20" mokko
27" oval
bonsai pot coffee cup
16" rec
20" unglazed rec
20" rec
16" unglazed rec
14" namako rec
22" unglazed rec
8" mokko in crystal glaze
6" rec in crystal glaze
19" rec in Aokouchi
15" forest tray in Aokouchi
16" unglazed rectangle
16" oval forest tray in Kinyuu
13" unglazed rectangle
10" rectangle in stark summer
14" deep oval in antique green
15" rectangle in antique green
14" deep rectangle in stark summer
22" flower shaped mokko in shirokouchi
20" unglazed forest tray
8" unglazed mokko
28" unglazed rectangle
26" shirokouchi oval
6" rectangle in crystal glaze
6" rectangle in crystal glaze
24" forest tray in uneven reduction
25" unglazed mokko
25" oval in shirokouchi
15" forest tray
20" mokko
8" forest tray
15" forest tray
26" mokko
20" mokko
24" forest tray in Aokouchi
20" oval in hare's fur
25" oval forest tray in Stark summer
25" oval forest tray in drippy dark blue/purple
18" rectangle in Kinyuu
15" forest tray in turquoise crystal
25" forest tray in Kinyuu
16" forest tray in dark blue drippy glaze
12" flared rim rectangle in dark blue
16" forest tray in turquoise crystal
Stark Summer Soft Indent Rectangle
American Canton: Southern magnolia with Carolina wren
uneven reduced purple rounded rectangle 14"
9" heavy reduced iron rectangle
Oregon clay mokko, unglazed
Yellow Oval
Red & Blue Bag Pot
12" rectangle in turquoise crystal glaze
7" and 9" reduced rectangles
24" forest tray
Dennis Vojtilla's Washington Hawthorn at 2021 US Nationals
unglazed oval with custom clay
oval in stark summer glaze
Red & Green Slanted Rectangle
Red & blue oval
16" forest tray detail in turquoise crystal glaze
Unglazed rectangle with cloud feet
17" deep oval in iron green glaze
24" forest tray in matte white
Blue & Red Shallow Forest Tray
17" gun metal rounded rectangle
16" unglazed rectangle in custom clay body
uneven reduced forest tray
Drippy Purple gray lotus
Light Blue Oval
16" uneven reduced slanted rectangle
Olive Shallow Oval
Drippy Gray Green Shallow Tray
14" rounded rectangle
Red & Green Soft Sided Rectangle
Red & Blue Oval Forest Tray
18" oval
Red & Green Oval
Drippy Gray Green Slanted Rectangle
Aokouchi Indent Rectangle
Closeup of drippy white oval
Stark Summer Tall Oval
Drippy slanted rectangle
Yellow Slanted Rectangle
Drippy dark and light purple lotus
Two unglazed rectangles
Green Oval
Drippy Round
Red & Blue Lotus
Drippy oval
Toasty white oval
Runny brown and olive round
Winter Blue Oval
Closeup of red & green oval
Drippy grayish blue round
Red & Blue Slanted Rectangle
Toasted White Lotus
Red & Blue Lotus
Earthy Cascade
Drippy Oval
Burnished Unglazed Round
Light Blue Oval
Drippy Sandy Indent Rectangle
Winter Blue Oval
Slanted Unglazed Rectangle
Purple & Blue Soft-sided Rectangle
Round Unglazed
Drippy Indent Rectangle
Red & Blue Slanted Rectangle
Slanted Unglazed Rectangle
Red & Green Indent Rectangle
Unglazed Indent Rectangle
Drippy Gray Mottled Oval
Oval Tray
Red & Blue Indent Rectangle
Olive Oval
American canton: hummingbird and Nicotiana
Green Round With Nubby Feet
Burnished Unglazed Round
Various Mame-sized pots
Unglazed Burnished Oval
Unglazed Nanban
Red & Blue Slanted Rectangle
Drippy shirokouchi oval tray
Algae Soft Sided Rectangle
dark blue bag pot detail
14" forest tray
unglazed bag pot
16" uneven reduced slanted rec
16" uneven reduced mokko
24" forest tray in matte white
close up of forest tray
rounded rec in uneven reduced iron
14" rounded rec in uneven reduction
22" mokko
12" banded rectangle
10" forest tray
16" mokko
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