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Handmade ceramic ware by Nao Tokutake.

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Turquoise Crystalline Glaze by Nao Tokutake
Custom Orders Closed

Nao is currently catching up on custom commissions and preparing for the Pacific Bonsai Expo in the Fall. Orders are closed until further notice. Waiting list is currently full.  Thank you for your patience.

Update 10.08.21

The roof has finally arrived!!! The pallet weighed a hefty 375 lbs but thankfully freight shipping this time went off without a hitch. Except for when the driver had no wiggle room to get it on the lift gate with the pallet jack, and he and Nao had to kick and shove it onto the gate, lower it, then pull it onto the driveway with the jack. The roof must weigh nearly 200 lbs; the chimney alone nearly 75 (both made of very solid stainless steel, by Cooperworks Kilns based out of Colorado).  After some clumsy but careful 'cartwheeling' the roof is now safe in our side yard; dead lifting it over our heads onto the kiln however is quite a daunting task. I feel nervous about it and feel it can't be done safely without at least four people. To Nao's disappointment the included pipe connector that we were waiting a month for to finally hook up the gas properly is the wrong fit and size! Oof. More waiting it looks like before we can fire. In other news, Nao was featured on Jonas Dupuich's podcast @bonsaitonight - Check it out; they discuss the thinking that went behind making Dennis' winning hawthorne's pot, a bit of clarification on what is considered 'oribe', discussion of one of Nao's new pot designs (the American Canton, designs by yours truly, crafted by Nao) and plenty of musings on all things bonsai pottery! - MJ

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